What will Happen after the Digital Age?

We are now enjoying the digital age, the age of technology. We too have gone too far and we have already met the peak of technological advances. However, people are still doing some inventions and innovations which makes us be more competitive. After all these things have happened in the history of the world, what will happen next?

There are presumptions that we will lack everything such as water, air and land. Then these necessities will vanish, then mankind will vanish too.

It is said that aliens will occupy this place. We are going to buy oxygen to survive, the land will be filled with houses and there will be no more spaces. It is natural that people will have to die in order to empty even a small space.

What then will happen to human beings? They will also go extinct. Animals are going extinct already, will this not come to mankind? It is not important if not all people are rich. What is important is when the earth will continue to live.

In fact astronauts and scientist have already proclaimed that there are many asteroids and comets that are spinning around the earth. If these hit the earth, the earth will be a sea of fire. None will like it. It means, the earth is trying to survive to this very moment. Someone Above must be controlling the earth’s life. After we have tasted the glory technology ¬†and advancement, what is waiting for us? Could it be perishing?