The list of 10 best advertisements who used virtual reality

The way of marketing has also evolved and developed with the outbursts of technology. We cannot just sit back and rely on the traditional methods that were used to be taught for how many years. There are many changes that can now be seen and sometimes they are not yet taught but already in the application. Some are being tested on its effectivity and also efficiency and other factors to see if it is worthwhile to be pursued. Now the marketing industry is coping up with technology very fast.

There are ten of the list or content of the video and the number ten is when CocaCola company used it to promote its product and also give children experiences that they can count as the greatest yet in their life. It is a very effective advertisement as it is explained in the video above. The next is the advertisement of McDonald’s who even use their own packaging or product to demonstrate how virtual reality works. These advertisements have both positive effects on the two companies mentioned.

It is amazing to see that every kind of business can use this virtual reality as a marketing media. The use of social media as a marketing medium has blossomed and it becomes the key marketing area but now there is another marketing medium that they use and many people can be part of it that makes it more fun and enjoyable. Those who tried them are thrilled and excited.  In attending a wedding occasion, you can see a variety of dress designs for guests.  Guests dresses are also comes with fashion. As they attend a very formal occasion, they too also look for the best dress that they can use for.