The history of virtual reality from 1838 to the PlayStation VR

In the 18th century, the virtual reality concept is already invented. It is interesting how one technology can lead to the invention of another that would be more beneficial for a period of time. Seeing how things started and then developed and more studies and experiment were done so that it could evolve and be updated to be what it is today. It does not stop there as there are many more modifications or update being done to let them become smart.

It means they can have features to detect something and to tell if something is wrong. An example is in a refrigerator. There are many types that are produced but they are still developing it to be smarter. One of the features they added is that it scans all the items and tell you what is spoiled or near to expire. Like this products are still improving and evolving. It is the same with the virtual technology. There is no limit now to what people can be able to discover and invent.

The PlayStation VR is the latest invention in the infographic. To those who are interested in this kind of technology it is very exciting. There are many enthusiasts who want to discover what more can be done with it. But those who have tried this technology are also excited and they are expecting it to be a useful technology that could be used in different areas of the private and public sectors.