Explanation of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a fully immersed computer simulated environment that creates the notion of being into an environment which is not your current location.

However, your perception of reality is not altered. You are simply a speculator overseeing the events that are happening in that world. For example, you can be in the world of ants if your game is about the ant ecosystem. In order for your brain to perceive  a virtual environment, there are a few key factors that are vital for the creation of an immersive experience necessary for virtual reality.

While there are different display methods, one of the most popular ways to experience virtual reality is through a headset. Headset devices use stereoscopic display to make what you see  three dimensional and to give depth to the image that you’re looking at. It is what our eyes can see also. However, stereoscopic display works amazingly. The headset for VR that you are using has the power to change what you are seeing or hearing and thus you can be in that environment.

Let us suppose you use the VR technology and you put your attention to your back, what is at the back of the environment you want to perceive will appear. So it does not show your real-world environment. In the simulation, sense of hearing, touch can be rendered. It means there is a perception of reality but at the back of your mind, you are not in that world.

The highest form can be the Virtual Inactivity and that it will help in the perfect perception of the false environment. This is why you can move to your left, right or wherever as if you are part of that world. Even if you are using a device to oversee a false world, the feeling is that you are not just doing a surveillance.